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  1. hey brian - gonna be out at cv this afternoon - an will probably play somewhere tomorrow

    my number is 502-291-5422 - call me
    see when we can get together sometime this week (i will be out of town sat and sun morning) - and i will be leaving for az tuesday morning
  2. After looking on the site and such, I would love a nuke and/or an elite z, esp or esp flx buzzz. If you want to wait until you get your players pack and see if there is anything in it you dont want let me know. I definately want to make sure you can get it before the tourney.
  3. i would be for sure willing to pick up a disc or two at the memorial for you
    - either check out there memorial website and see whats there, or i will get in touch with you in az -
    you think i can get that roc before the the trip - trying to have a number of backup discs for the water hazards down there
  4. I am glad that you are interested in the roc. Just let me know what you have to trade or if you want, I would love some discs from the memorial. I believe last year you had a left over bag and such. I will take anything from the tourney. So I dont know if you want to call me when you are there or if that would even work. Just let me know. Thanks.
  5. hey brian
    interested in the roc - i have an old 06 one that i love - actually like it more then then 08 one that is currently under the snow
    i might still be able to get my hands one one or two of the ace race discs, let me look around -
  6. Hey Martin,

    I saw you are looking for some champ rocs and such. I have a 2006 GLo Champion roc that has been Huk Tri-fly dyed if you are interested. Super flat and 180 grams used for like three rounds maybe. On a secondary note, do you still have those discraft ace race discs?
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