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  1. Hi Terry, got your message and I appreciate it. I will always be there to help with any course I can. I too am confused as to why some feel the need for two clubs. This thing started, I think because a few people got upset over what I don't know, and started another club. A few people have caused this whole thing with a bunch of lies and egos in conflict. I have been accused of a lot of crap along with DLG. I would like to see the clubs combine someday, but for now I am trying to further cooperation between the groups and see what happens. I will stick with the LDGC because I was in the original group that started the old Louisville Frisbee disc Club back in 1979, The LDGC traces it's roots back to then. Our club has the long history in this area and it is my "home"club. Maybe I'll see you at the Goat Farm. By the way, thanks to you for all your work. You have been there working most of the time I have been, so you have kudos coming as much as I do.
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