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  1. IQ is fine, see you there!
  2. iroquois park ok?
  3. Friday around 4:30 will be fine with me. Where you want to meet at?
  4. I can meet you around 4:30 Friday if that works for you
  5. Np Eric, I wont be able to make it Wed but will be off Fri and Sat. Maybe we can work something out for one of those days.
  6. Hey ross, I completely forgot about the fundraiser Sunday. Ill be at leagues Wednesday if you want to meet up then
  7. Sounds good to me.
  8. I am gonna try to make it out to the allstars fundraiser. I will have everything with me then
  9. I can't make the GLO due to a wedding but might be at the Allstars fundraiser. The beat Rocs are pretty high up on my list so I will take some of those off of your hands. Depending on how many you have I might hold off on the Zephyrs for now.
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