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  1. cool ill see ya there. what weight did you get?
  2. sure is sounds good
  3. Kao I will do that I would like 170 or better . My Condor is like 191 and white and in great condition . Maybe around 5 round or 30 throws tops. Let me know
  4. Well i didnt expect you to trade a DX for a Star but was wondering if you was interested in putting something together. Thats cool with me like I said no biggy you mentioned you wanted a DX TEEBIRD in any shape so I thought I would offer.
  5. Looks like this trade is not going to happen again. Sorry but Im not doing one beat dx disc for a star thats in great condition.
  6. My DX ROC is gone Kao so if your interested in the DX Teebird speak now or forever hold your peace.
  7. The Wraith is 175g and is red with a little bit of yellowish orange mixed in. It has a dark blue Fun Farm stamp and is in very good condition. It has been thrown a few times but there are no signs of wear. On a scale of 10 I would say its in the 9.5-9 range.
  8. Dx Teebird is yellow with a purple stamp i would say 7 or 8 out of 10 definetly been thrown so a few small nicks on the rim. The DX Roc with the CVO OPEN stamp is in a little better shape but has ink on both. The Roc is 180 Im not sure what weight the Teebird is. Whats the Wraith about color condition weight?
  9. What weight and condition are those dx disc in?
  10. I have a DX TeeBIRD & a DX ROC CVO OPEN if your interested in trading for your Star Wraith let me know.
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