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  1. Nick - can you make the front page story CVO now
  2. Yep no problem.
  3. Nick can you repost the original post for my tourney on the front page
  4. I'm really not sure at all. I don't have everyone's user name to make sure.
  5. curious - do we have all those who are listed as current members -
    have access to the members section of the forum??
  6. thanks nick - that works
  7. Main as in only post? Just checking on what you want done..
  8. can i get the bad tags front page article - posted as our main front page story - you can tweak it make it look cool that would be great

    i'll have tags for you all on sat at the 3-man tourney
  9. Yep its done.
  10. nick can you move my 2010 Bag Tags thread under General -

    over to the Bag Tags Thread
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