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  1. Sorry thought I already did that. I'll get it updated tonight or tomorrow.
  2. nick - any chance of getting those - course records, points, $$ leaders, and ratings updated

    if there is anyway i can do it from my computer - let me know
  3. I'll get it updated here soon!
  4. Nick - i updated the course records as well
  5. hey nick - I updated the points and $$ leaders for 2011 - if you can update the frontpage, be great - ever figure out a way I could do that for you?
  6. Send me a email with the logo to and I'll get it up.
  7. Nick -

    im not sure what it takes to get a business listed as a sponsor on the front page - but my brothers shop - My Old Kentucky Homebrew - is a consistant disc golf sponsor - love to have a link on our page to his

    thanks, let me know
  8. Not a problem I love how we have all the information on the main site now. I've also added the drop down menu and the Points & Money leaders have been added! I think I'm on a roll.
  9. I was just going to mention a drop down - good thinking

    you could combine ratings, points, $$, aces, course records - all of these things - good stuff nick - this is exactly what i was asking for a while back - thanks much
  10. You know what? I was thinking about a Ace Hall of Fame I just need to code up a script that will allow users to post there aces on there. I'm going to be adding the Points and $$ leaders when I get the drop down menu done for the site so I can add more links.
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