View Full Version : Bag Tag Kickoff 2/8/14

01-29-2014, 08:33 PM
I just received word that bag tags should be in by this Friday, and I would like to announce that the bag tag kickoff event will take place on Saturday February 8. Tommy Bronson has been gracious enough to make this a joint event, so the bag tag kickoff will be a part of Dark Horse Disc Golf Presents The 2014 Louisville Classic Fundraiser Event.

Details of that event are as follows:

Saturday February 8
Charlie Vettiner Park
10:00 am Tee off

This is be the first fundraiser event for the Louisville Classic.
The event will be 27 holes at CV which will be the first 18 and the back 9 for the total of 27 holes. This event will be great practice for the Louisville Classic on Mar 15th.

Pros - $25
All AMS - $15
Bag Tag (optional) - $10

All pros will be paid in cash and all AMS will be paid in Dark horse disc golf cash that will not expire that they can use in the store for anything that is on sale.

Side Pots:
Ace Pool
Hole 1 CTP

You will not have to buy a bag tag to be in this event, but if you want to participate in the bag tag kickoff, you must also play in the fundraiser event.

Daniel and I look forward to another successful year which hopefully improves upon last year, and we appreciate your participation.