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Hey everyone im looking for some opto air halos. They don't have to be new. Im looking to buy or trade. If you have any text me @ 1-502-650-7801 Im looking for 2 of em.

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Hydro Spa hot mineral resources at Bamboo Resort

Spa treatments best natural health, hot mineral water spa at the resort near Hanoi!

Lieu-legal-melting spa-


No one knows exactly where Spa originated in, but there are two theories. One is from the "SPA" from the word "Salus per aquae" or "heath through water - water cure". Others believe that the original of the word "SPA" is derived from the Belgian town of Spa water., Known from Roman times they know to take advantage of wash. They studied this town so great that the word spa is synonymous with English and it is used and beloved.

The spa modern form originated from this ancient city's reputation for effective healing hot mineral water. Tourists usually come here to bathe and to restore their health. In the 19th century, the top center Spa is the destination for the rich want to shower. The hydrotherapy treatment is recognized as the most important point of Spas in Europe. To this day the body massage and hand massage Spa treatments are most popular.

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The ancient and highly revered water flow. The Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Roman warm water for thousands of years to treat fatigue reduction, wound healing and dispels mental depression. Pioneering explore the relationship between mental and physical is the Greeks, they had to build bathrooms and relax in areas of rivers, lakes or streams. The Romans invented many types of bath, spa hot tub from warm and cold. Some ancient baths built by the Romans are still traces in Europe. From water therapy HYDOR derived from Greek (meaning water) and THERAPEIA (healing), hot water and cold water can stimulate the circulatory and nervous system. Spa has two main meanings. One is where health care and beauty. Second place specializes in nursing. Thus, the characteristics of the Spa is to give you a relaxing and comfortable sense, while stimulating the senses with its own space and sound of the Spa. Therefore, special Spa is favored in many Western countries, so foreigners appreciate relaxing requirements emotional and intellectual, although Western Spa is not mysterious and fascinating as the East. So it can be said: Spa is a therapy used to treat water body. When it comes to spa can be visualized as a clinic Spa airy, rich nature, provide physical and mental relaxation to people.

According to the study of Spa and Resort - Tre board source Resort

Natural hot mineral bath

Thanh Thuy hot spa

Hot Springs Resort Thanh Thuy is an area of ​​about 1 km2 located in the west side of Da River, located in La Phu Commune, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province, 65 kilometers from Hanoi Northwest. This is a special mineral water hot rare first detected in North Vietnam. The water is taken from wells range in depth from 30m (45 degree water) to 60 m (55 degree water). At the pool hot water added to cold water can soak into being, so cold water than hot water are scarce. Thanh Thuy hot mineral containing radioactive elements "Rn" a gaseous radioactive isotopes of "Th" can treat bone and joint diseases, skin diseases very well.

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Mineral water has many functions in micronutrients such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, containing many special functions of radon - a very rare type of radon water suitable for soaking, recuperation and healing.
Sources hot mineral pool Tre Thanh Thuy

Soak in hot mineral water also helps significantly improve bone and joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, morning stiffness, knee osteoarthritis. The disease is often recurrent skin in winter is also significantly improved if treatment with hot mineral water is natural.

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Animal soak in mineral mud baths, mineral water have since ancient Greek times. By the 1820s mineral mud bath, mineral water is increasingly widely used in Europe, especially Russia, Germany, France ...