View Full Version : B.G. AMs HOW did YOU DO ?

04-14-2013, 09:27 PM
I played Rec H

Miller - 57
White - 68
Giffin - 60
Lovers - 59 ( Tie WON card but give my tourney stamped disc to the 12 year old whom i tied with. he kinda pouted for it lol )
FINISHED 97th at + 20

I beat Robin Scott by 5 shots LMFAO

least fave Miller

Had a blast & will be there again next year

So how did the rest of LDGC player do ? DO TELL

i know you can see all this for the most part on PDGA but this gives a better feel & input

04-14-2013, 11:39 PM
From scanning the scores it looks like Lauren Yurt shot well over her rating three rounds with one 89 points over her rating.
Andrew Jacobs did very well shooting 3 rounds above his rating including one that's 59 points over his rating.
Ed Walsh finished strong with a round 53 points over his rating.
Jim Reynolds had three rounds over his rating with the best one 58 points over his rating.
Mark Wampler played above his rating three rounds in a row.
Kyle Lynch played great and started off the tournament with a 997 rated round.

That was just a quick scan, did I over look anyone?
How did things go for you this weekend?

04-15-2013, 10:33 AM
I had an awesome weekend...it was great fun just to be in bg with 600+ golfers from all over the country..repping the ldgc and prodigy

Thanks to shaheen, greenwell, rief, embrey, wampler, Reynolds, Sullivan, gurthie, skinner, and all the golfers who bought merchandise

This was a great fundraising event for the ldgc and the Charlie Vettiner open

04-15-2013, 03:30 PM
I'm all for hearing everyones thoughts on the event as well

625 total players

Advanced (155)

27 Kyle Lynch -14
56 Will Burke -9

Advanced women (10)

5 Cortney Caldwell +42
7 Lauren Yurt +45

Advanced Grandmasters (63)

11 Mark Wampler E
62 Jim Pierce +21

Advanced Senior Grandmasters (16)

15 Jim Reynolds +60

Intermediate (148)

30 Andrew Jacobs -6
57 Rollin Absher -1
78 Eddie Walsh +2
78 Matthew Dodson +2
121 Steve Dodson +12

Intermediate women (13)

8 Cathie Ferguson +54

Recreational (147)

11 Thomas Miller -5
28 Tony Caldwell +2
36 Jason Woogs +4
56 Kris Delaney +10
60 Marc Nethery +11
60 Mike Owen +11
97 Mike D +20
100 Tommy Bronson +21
123 Ralph Gallagher +31

This is an awesome tourney....great representing the ldgc and greater Louisville area everyone

If you missed this year mark your calendar for 2014....this a tourney all local players shouldn't miss

04-15-2013, 04:25 PM
The Players book was great & a huge help with all the course with great information of each & how to get to
Loved the other events other then use playing our rounds
Well put together.
Very good players pack 5 discs, birdie bag, discounts & shirt if you got in early enough.
Nice mix of courses
Love the show out of sponsors & the interaction with them


very happy & a must go to until the day my rating is to high ( lol )

04-16-2013, 01:33 PM
Didn't get to go this year (which sucks) but I sort of compensated by playing three birthday rounds Sunday at Seviren Lang which gave me my first 3 on #18 (and another incredible tomahawk that just bounced off the basket for a near-3,) and two putts that bounced off #12 that would have been my 2nd & 3rd ever 3s on that hole.