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01-25-2013, 07:42 PM
2013 USDGC Qualifier Series
March 16 - Louisville Classic
April 27-28 - Lexington Open
May 25-26 - SOKY Championships
June 29-30 - Madisonville Open

Kentucky residents will be ranked via Peformance Scoring. You must be a current PDGA member at the time of a tournament to receive points for that event. After each event, players will be ranked from 1 to ?? based on the amount they improve on their rating.
All players rated below 875 will be scored against a rating of 875 as opposed to actual rating. Any player must have a minimum eight rated rounds to receive points for an event.
I will present more detailed instructions as the first tournament draws near.

If you have questions, fire away.

02-01-2013, 12:51 PM
Here are some more details about the series Job posted on Facebook.

Any player who is a resident of Kentucky and a current PDGA member has a chance to earn the USDGC spot.
A simple point series based Performance Scoring of each event will be used to determine the 2013 Kentucky representative for USDGC.
The Performance Scoring method is based on how a player performs compared to his or her rating. (Example, if a player rated 930 shoots a 970 round, they are +40 for that round.)
At each event, players will receive one point for each eligible player they outperform. At the end of the series, players will use their three best tournaments to determine their total points for the series. The player with the most points will be given the opportunity to represent Kentucky in the 2013 USDGC: Performance Edition.
If the top player declines, the spot will go to the next in-line until someone agrees to take the spot.

In case of a tie, the higher rated player will be selected.

03-17-2013, 11:29 AM
USDGC Qualifier Series - Full Standings after one event.
Next event: April 27 & 28 - Lexington Open

05-28-2013, 03:02 PM
Unofficial Standings for USDGC Performance Series after 3 Events.

Top 10 Gross (Scores of all three tournaments)
1. Rollin Absher 120
2. James Mccormick 112
3. Jordan Spaulding 107
4. Steven Dodson 106
5. Brandon Lowery 105
5. Eric Gallusser 105
7. Robby Wildt 104
8. Jason Thomson 103
9. Mickey Pennington 94
10. Anthony Caldwell 82

Top 10 Net (Lowest tournament dropped)
1. Steven Dodson 106
2. James McCormick 105
2. Brandon Lowery 105
4. Rollin Absher 97
5. Eric Gallusser 95
6. Robby Wildt 89
7. Jason Thomson 86
8. Anthony Caldwell 82
9. Casey Grounded Out Hudgins 81
10. Brett Rice 80