View Full Version : [Discs for Sale] 14 throwers

12-09-2012, 03:44 PM
Had some extra plastic laying around that I don't throw or need.

I can send better pictures of each disc if needed.

All weights are scaled. Disc condition is on a 1-10 scale. I live in Indiana and work in Louisville so I can meet you on each side of the river. PM me if interested. Thanks.

Row 1:
Blizz Champ Teedevil 151g 10/10 $11
E-Samurai 174g 10/10 $10
Z Nuke 175g 10/10 $11
Bliz Ape 139g 9/10 (ink, used a couple of rounds) $10

Row 2:
FLX Avenger 174g 9.5/10 (thrown 4 times) $11
GL Villain 170g 9.5/10 (thrown 4 times. The disc also has some discoloration on it, I would call it a factory 2nd because of this) Gone
KC-Pro Roc 2012 Tourney Stamp 181g 10/10 Gone
MVP Ion Neutron 9.5/10 (this disc has been putted with around 10 times and driven 2 times) $13

Row 3:
DX Whippet Red 174g 9.5/10 (ink, maybe thrown a few times) $6
DX Whippet Blue 165g 7/10 (ink, large nick at 12'o'clock) $5
DX Innova Run Gremlin 172g 7/10 (ink, nicks-dents) $5
FR Discraft Pro-D Xtra misprint 171g 10/10 (real chalky) $8

Row 4:
Discmania C-TD +mold x-out (double stamp), Lime 173g 8.5/10 (no ink, small nick @ the 2 o'clock) $8
ESP Nuke 2010 Tourney Stamp 172g 7.5/10 (nick at the 7 o'clock, some discoloration), the camera flash washed out the stamp but it is there Gone


12-11-2012, 05:35 PM
I can go $6.75 on the C-TD+mold X-out.