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11-14-2012, 06:56 PM
Bring your own partner "December Dubbs" at the Goat Path and Holler. http://hollerinthehills.com/december-dubbs/

11-30-2012, 12:25 PM
Howie posted the current teams signed up so far.. Dont miss out on this event...It might fill up, two private courses, great disc golf day.

Official Update:
If you have not prepaid for this event you may pay the morning of the tournament. 24 players have prepaid (*). I'm expecting a long pay line so no large bills please and exact amount of money is appreciated. Please don't show up at the last minute because we must tee off at 9 AM sharp. It's a race against darkness!

5 spots for 5 teams left to fill. Please let me know if you or your team are going to cancel.
* = prepaid

Pro Teams: 12

Jason Thompson
Dutch Napier

Paul Oman
Justin Moore

Martin Young
Billy Serapiglia

Robby Wildt
John Williams

Jim Ashton

Johnny Sias
Greg Ellis

Gary Costa 10298
Cinci golfer

Cyrus Fuhrman
Garrett Diemler

Lance Fair
Turbo Tim

*Mickey Pennington
*James McCormick

Larry Schurgast
Sam VonUrban

Larry Bledsoe
Miguel Castro

Amateur Teams: 19

Randall Roseman
Dan Skees

*Matt Kerr 48691
*John Curtis Reynolds

*Rich Miller
*Josh Stevens

*Steven Moore
Tim McGee

*Jerry Dobbins
Billy Ray Osborne

*Bryan Cook
*Kalahan Farrer

Corey Ellis
Josh Stepp

*Warren Foy
*Zach Snapp

*Chuck Doumitt
*Rod Norton

Matt Hamilton
Tony Pullin

*John Paluzi
Casey Hudgins

Ronnie Wilson
*Adam Naumann

Mike Owen
Ed Walsh

*Chris Vizi
*Mathew Enzweiler

Brandon Burden
Jake Jordan

*Charlie Coleraine
*Lee Tinsley

*Brad Enzweiler
*Blake Cooper

*Justin Marquess
**Sammy Shaheen

Kyle Lynch
Jason Woogs

12-04-2012, 11:41 AM
List updated...only room for 5 more teams