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08-15-2012, 07:32 PM
Ledgestone Insurance and Plastic Addicts are happy to present the 2012 LIS: Ledgestone Insurance Championships Super Tour. This is the tournament we all have been waiting for. This will be the finale of the 2012 Ledgestone Insurance Series and will crown the champion of the series and the champion of the tournament. The payout is huge, the trophies are sick, the players pack is enormous, and more and more!

When: September 14th and 15th
Where: Peoria, IL
Sanctioning: This will be a PDGA SuperTour Event
Field Size: Field size is limited to 252 players
Pre-registration: http://illinoisdiscgolf.com/LISregistration-LISChampionship.html
PDGA List: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/79707

Added Cash to Pro Divisions: $10,000+
Donated Am Players Pack Cost: $7,500+

All in all, we have raised over $24,000 for the entire series. We have earmarked $2000 for the series winners, $2000 for the trophies (which are sweet!!!), $2000 for the players party, and $1500 for other expenses. The amateur players pack is 100% donated. No money will come out of the entry fee to pay for the amateur players pack. The pros will also get a free dinner at the Friday night players party. Ams can pick up their players pack at the players party only. The players pack will consist of the following for those that register by August 31st, 2012:

Metal Mini, Towel, Clipboard, Shirt, Dinner, LAT 64 disc, DGA Disc, Autographed Dana Vicich Vibram VP, and more! If you don't register by August 31st the LAT 64 disc will not be included.

The players party will be at Goodfellas in Pekin at approximately 7PM on Friday night. Everyone's dinner will be paid for! We will also be selling raffle tickets throughout the weekend and at the players party. The raffle will be huge. Here's a small sample of what will be in the raffle: Baskets, Bags, Discs, Autographed materials, Gift Certificates, Maui Jim sunglasses, hotel giveaways, shirts, and more!

At this point in time we are targeting this setup for the amount of players:
MPO - 72 players
Other Pros - 40
MA1 - 50
All Other AMS - 90

Play will begin Friday at 10AM for the MPO division and 9:30AM for the other flights. The second round will start approximately 1 hour after the last card is in from the first round with ample time for travel between courses. Here is the order of the courses:

MPO - McNaughton Shorts, McNaughton Longs, Morton Shorts/Longs
MAI and All Other Pros - Bradley, Morton, McNaughton
All Other Ams - Morton, Bradley, Bradley

The following divisions will have a final 9 at Morton on Saturday afternoon: MPO, MA1, MPM, FPO

This is the finale of the Ledgestone Insurance Series. Double points will be awarded and we will crown Series Champions for all divisions on Saturday afternoon. You must be a PDGA member to play in this event.

Sponsors: Ledgestone Insurance, Plastic Addicts, Erie Insurance, Scheels, PACVB, Village of Morton, Paragon, Falling Putt, Goodfellas, Washington Community Bank, Huk Lab, ABC Discs, World of Vitamins, Innova, Discraft, Gateway

Entry costs:
Pro Divisions: $90
All Advanced Divisions: $60
All Other Divisions: $50

Don't wait to get signed up - this will fill!

P.S. Here is the link to our host hotel!


If we have at least 4 Pro Women, we will add $500 cash to the Pro Women purse.

If we have at least 8 Pro Women, we will add $1000 cash to the Pro Women purse.

If we have at least 15 Pro Masters/Grand Masters, we will add $500 total cash to those purses and split the cash based on the percentage of players in each division.

If we have at least 25 total Pro Masters/Grand Masters, we will add $1000 total cash to those purses and split the cash based on the percentage of players in each division.

As for payouts, we have three confirmed Pro Women but I will go ahead and add at least $500 cash to the Women's Pro Purse. I spoke to Will Schusterick yesterday and he is excited for the event, as is Devan Owens, Paige Pierce, Sarah Hokom, and more!

08-16-2012, 10:34 AM
Wow, sounds like that's going to be quite an event! Now I just have to see if the wife will let me get away for the weekend...

08-16-2012, 11:49 AM
Wow, sounds like that's going to be quite an event! Now I just have to see if the wife will let me get away for the weekend...

We would love to have you! We are playing two of the top four courses in the state and one of the top 50 courses in the country according to DG Course Review.

08-16-2012, 10:26 PM
Check out the following link for an amazing disc we will be featuring at the tournament, courtesy of Eric McCabe:


That's a Ti Wasp! We will have 20 of these bad boys for sale for $25 at the September SuperTour! The first ten people who email me at nate@ledgestonegrp.com can buy one of these and also the first ten people who show up at the Thursday Night Putting Competition/Players Party can purchase one (details on the party are forthcoming). This disc is amazing and comes straight from Eric McCabe.

Also, we still have a few players packs left for anyone interested in purchasing one who can't play in the event. $50 plus shipping will get you a players pack. Email me if you are interested! We get more additions to the players pack every day! Thanks to McDonald's for coming on board as a course sponsor!

08-19-2012, 08:51 PM
We are pushing 110 registrations for this event. We have a limited number of spots and a limited number of players packs. As for the free discs in the players packs, I thought I would let everyone know what the discs are: you get a Dana Vicich Signed VP; your choice of a LAT Gold Line Flow, Havoc, or Pain; and your choice of a DGA Sparkle Hurricane, Tsunami, or Rogue. You have to sign up by August 31st to get the free LAT disc. The players packs now have a $115 value with no money coming out of the entry fee for the players packs. Also, we only have 5 Ti Wasps left and 5 Players Packs available to be bought for those that can't play. Email me at nate@ledgestonegrp.com if you are interested in buying a players pack for $50 or an Eric McCabe Ruby Red Ti Wasp for $25! Remember that we are adding $10,000 to the pro purse as well!

P.S. We will announce the details of the putting competition by Tuesday of this week!

08-20-2012, 10:12 PM
Just as a note, we have a limited number of AM players packs for the A Tier. We have less than 65 spots left that will guarantee you a players pack that is now worth more than $115. If you sign up after the 65 remaining players packs are gone you will still be eligible for a players pack but it will be in the form of funny money, other goodies and a signed Dana Vicich VP. Advanced divisions would receive $45 of funny money and all other divisions would receive $35 of funny money so there is definitely some motivation to get signed up before they are all gone!

Also, Mikes Italian Feast will be providing lunch on Friday and Saturday that can be delivered to the course. Lunch will consist of a half torpedo sub, bag of chips and a drink. Lunch is $6 for one day or $10 for both days. You can email me to let me know if you would like me to reserve you one or you can register for it at the Thursday Night Putting Competition (final details forthcoming on Wednesday for the Putting Competition). You can also buy and register for the lunch or both lunches on the morning of the first round.

Quick update on the course order for the A Tier:

Its very likely the course order for Recreation and All Pros besides MPO will be changed around. This is necessitated from current pre-registration levels, compared to what we expected.

At this point in time I will just say that the course order for Men's Recreation, Women's Recreation, Pro Masters, Pro Grand Masters, and Womens Pro are likely to change. Most likely, all Pro Divisions will play two rounds at McNaughton and then one round at Morton, with all divisions playing one round from the shorts and one round from the longs except for Grand Masters and Women (who would play two rounds from the Shorts). The Women's Recreation and Men's Recreation Divisions would then join the MA1 division and play Bradley, Morton and McNaughton.

Men's Pro and All Other Divisions would not be changed. A final decision on this will be made next week. This would not be a major change for most divisions, and even the divisions affected would only see one course change.

Also, check out the Ledgestone Insurance Series forum post to check out the final payouts for the series and the trophies. The following divisions will receive a payout and a trophy: MPO, MPM, MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4, MS1, FW1, FW2, and FW3. At least second place will be paid in all divisions except for MS1 and the three ladies divisions. Third place will also be paid in MA2 and MA3. The top pro is guaranteed $450 cash for winning the series!

P.S. We have 4 players packs for sale for those that aren't playing and still want a players pack and have 4 Ti Wasps left, so feel free to email me at nate@ledgestonegrp.com if you want one!

P.S.S. We will officially be adding $1000 to the Pro Women's purse...let's see some more Pro Women signed up!

08-22-2012, 11:16 PM
As promised, here is the information for the Putting Competition/Party on Thursday night. This is in addition to the Players Party on Friday Night at Goodfellas! The Putting Competition is sponsored by ABC Discs!

When: Thursday September 13th (day before the tournament begins)
Where: Parking lot of Ledgestone Insurance in Washington, IL - the address is 1142 Peoria Street and its right on the main drag. There's a big electronic sign out front and its hard to miss!
Time: The competition and fun will take place from 4PM to 8PM
Format: Everyone will get two putts from 20 feet, two putts from 30 feet, and two putts from 40 feet. You get 1 point for each putt made from 20 feet, 2 points for each putt made from 30 feet, and 3 points for each putt made from 40 feet.
Divisions: We will have four divisions - Pro Men, Pro Women, AM Men, and AM Women
Prizes: There will be prizes for the winners of each division!
Cost: The putting competition is free for the first try! You can have another shot at the putting competition for $3, with the proceeds going towards the series.

The putting competition won't be the only thing going on at this Thursday Night Shindig. The other special activities:
-We will be selling LIS stamped merchandise for near cost. For example, we will have Champion/Z plastic on sale for $11 and Star/ESP plastic on sale for $12, with deals on all types of LIS stamped discs. This will be a one time offer for anyone to come buy cheap discs!
-Gail Nettles will be baking her wonderful homemade chocolate chip cookies and those will be given away as well!
-Players will be able to pick up their players packs!
-Pairings for the first round will be posted
-Devan Owens and Paige Pierce will be hanging out and signing autographs
-We will have the Ruby Red Eric McCabe Ti Wasps available to the first ten people that show up and want to purchase one for $25
-We will also have a limited number of special Flyboy Aviation Gummy Rocs for sale for $25. Here is a link to a picture of the Gummy Roc:


Flyboy Aviation is the number one rated course in the world and these discs are only able to be purchased through the course owner himself (and the course is private) or through our tournament series. If you would like to get an Eric McCabe Ti Wasp or a Flyboy Gummy Roc just shoot me an email at nate@ledgestonegrp.com

Don't miss this fun event!

P.S. The SuperTour is rapidly filling - get signed up today!

08-23-2012, 11:57 PM
We are happy to announce that we have picked up some more sponsors for the SuperTour event. Ty Dyed is coming on as a course sponsor and will have some awesome Ty Dye merchandise for sale at Morton. They will also be donating some awesome things to the raffle. Here is a link to their Facebook page:


We have also picked up Trophy Pro Shoppe out of Morton, IL and Tri County Eye Center out of Washington, IL as sponsors. Make sure to support our sponsors! 21 days until the putting competition! Get signed up today!

P.S. We are looking for a few more volunteers and sponsors. If you are interested email me at nate@ledgestonegrp.com

08-27-2012, 10:14 PM
Please note that the course order has officially changed and the first post was not able to be updated. This will be the final course order and there will be no further revisions or discussions about longs, shorts, courses, etc.

Group 1 : All Pros - McNaughton Shorts, McNaughton Longs, Morton Mixed (FPO will play McNaughton shorts both rounds)
Group 2: MAI, FW1, MM1, MG1, MA3 - Bradley, Morton Short, McNaughton (MA1 will play McNaughton from the Longs - all other divisions in this flight will play the shorts)
Group 3: MA2, FW2, FW3, MA4, MS1 - Morton Short, Bradley, Bradley

In addition, for a quick update on the Putting Competition: the putting competition is free to anyone in the event who pays to get into the CTP and 50/50, which is $5. This gets you in the putting competition, CTP prizes during the tournament, and the cash 50/50 holes (we expect to have 9 50/50 cash holes throughout the tournament). Anyone that wants to try the competition that's not playing can pay $3 to give it a shot. Also, players are allowed more than one chance at the putting competition by paying an extra $3. Here are the prizes for the LIS: Putting Competition sponsored by ABC Discs taking place on September 13th from 4PM to 8PM:

Pro 1st Place - huk Chair, Eric McCabe Ti Wasp, and Flyboy Aviation Gummy Roc
Pro 2nd Place - 3 ABC Discs of your choice
Am 1st Place - Eric McCabe Ti Wasp, Flyboy Aviation Gummy Roc, Vibram Open Black/Red Summit
Am 2nd Place - 3 ABC Discs of your choice
Women 1st Place - Eric McCabe Ti Wasp, Flyboy Aviation Gummy Roc, Vibram Open Black/Red Ridge
Women 2nd Place - 3 ABC Discs of your choice

You read that right....Vibram Open Black/Red Summits and Ridges! We will have a limited number of the 2012 Vibram Open Black/Red Ridges, Summits, and Ibex's. We will have them for sale for $25 starting at the putting competition. If you want to reserve yours email me at nate@ledgestonegrp.com

In addition, huk lab has come on board as a course sponsor for the series. They have been a great benefit to our series! We have a limited number of huk chairs for sale and these will be cash only sales with the proceeds going towards the series. Email me to reserve your chair. The regular chairs are $36 and the red chairs are $39 and we will have those at the putting party as well. We will also have some awesome huk shirts, hats, minis, patches, and more!

We are also getting a new stock of Innova inventory for the series, including Ch CFR Teedevils, Echo Star Destroyers, Echo Star Wraiths, more Blizzard Boss's, Star Leopards, Star Teebirds, Champion Destroyers, and more!

We also just got a new order of Innova Competition and Discarrier bags in and they will be available at the A Tier for a discounted price.

Also, thanks to Cefcu for coming on board as a sponsor!

Pre-registrations are nearing 135. Please note that we have a limited number of AM spots and only the first 142 AMs are guaranteed a players pack. In addition, you must register by August 31st to get the LAT disc to be included in the players pack.

PDGA list has been updated, including Ricky Wysocki and Cameron Colglazier!

08-29-2012, 04:09 PM
For a quick update on the tourney - please remember that only the first 142 AMS signed up and paid by August 31st get the extra LAT disc in their players packs. We have less than 40 players packs left and we expect a lot of registrations the next few days. Get signed up! Here is as picture to the LAT discs in the players packs:


Those Pains are amazing! Remember that you can pick up your players packs and your pairings at the Putting Competition on Thursday night. As you can see from the picture the LAT discs that we have are Havocs, Pains and Flows.

Also, we are happy to announce Aces and Chains as a hole sponsor for the tournament. Check out their website! What an awesome disc golf shop: http://www.acesandchains.com/

Pre-registration list has been updated - this event will fill!

08-30-2012, 08:19 AM
"Havoc, Pain, & Flow" sounds like a hip-hop group.

09-04-2012, 05:13 PM
We are nearing 175 registrations for the A Tier.

We do still have spots left but make sure to get signed up soon. We still have AM players packs left (but not very many) so if you want to guarantee yourself a players pack you will want to get signed up this week. I will be at Bradley this weekend taking registrations/money as well.

Remember that we will be having our putting competition on September 13th from 4PM to 8PM at 1142 Peoria Street in Washington, IL. You will be able to check in, get your pairings, pick up your players packs, buy some awesome merchandise at reduced prices, buy some unique discs (Eric McCabe Ti Wasps, Flyboy Aviation Rocs, Vibram Open Black/Red stamped discs, huk merchandise, and more), get some awesome free snacks, and compete in the putting competition.

In addition, the first 30 people at the putting competition that spend $40 will get a free disc from our sponsor ABC Discs! Remember that we will have special pricing on LIS stamped discs with cash sales, including $12 for Star Plastic and $11 for Champion plastic.

Greg and I are working at Morton this week to pour the last few concrete pads for the long tees that we will be using. At Morton and McNaughton we will be donating the pad you are playing with an L for long, S for short, and S/L (meaning that tee is for both the shorts and longs).

Also, check out the following link for our sweet trophies that we have for the A Tier and Series:


As you can see we have a lot of trophies!

To address a few more questions - the ace fund is $5 and the 50/50 - CTP fund is $5. We will have nine 50/50 cash holes, 27 CTP prizes, and more! The $5 portion will also get you into the putting competition. You can pay for the ace fund and/or 50/50 - CTP funds at the putting competition or before you begin your first round.

Finally - some people have been asking about the final 9. This will take place at Morton and should start between 2PM and 2:30PM. MA1 will lead it off, followed by MPM, FPO, and MPO. Awards will follow that and payouts will be available at Morton during the afternoon. Get signed up today!

09-06-2012, 10:00 AM
We now have 17 states represented in the SuperTour and are nearing 180 registrations. We also have less than 20 AM players packs left. To guarantee a players pack get signed up today!

Don't forget about the putting competition Thursday night from 4PM to 8PM where you can check-in and find some sweet deals on merchandise.

For a little teaser on the payouts......we will be paying 50% of AM fields and approximately 45% of Pro fields:

Men's Pro Assuming at least 40 Players:
1st Place - $2500
2nd Place - $1700
3rd Place - $1300
4th Place - $1000

Men's Advanced Assuming at least 45 Players:
1st Place - $300
2nd Place - $230
3rd Place - $185
4th Place - $150

Women's Pro Assuming 6 Players:
1st Place - $800
2nd Place - $525
3rd Place - $170

Men's Intermediate Assuming 45 Players:
1st Place - $225
2nd Place - $170
3rd Place - $150
4th Place - $130

Men's Pro Masters Assuming 7 Players:
1st Place - $555
2nd Place - $380
3rd Place - $190

Remember that AM players are getting a players pack valued at $115 per player! If you want a chance at the Ledgestone Cup or a bunch of cash or merchandise money this is an event you won't want to miss. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at nate@ledgestonegrp.com

09-09-2012, 03:55 PM
We are getting closer and closer to the A Tier. If you haven't signed up get signed up today!

We are happy to announce that we will have 15 more of these Ti Huk Lab Lunar Fly Buzzes at the putting competition on Thursday night (and if any of them are left over, Friday and Saturday at the tournament). Check out these sweet pictures:

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... =1&theater

We have right around 10 AM players packs left so if you want a players pack get signed up today. I will be posting the raffle items later this week but the raffle is going to be insane!

We are nearing 190 pre-registered players so get signed up today. We do have 6 Ti Wasps left and we have the aforementioned Ti Huk Lunar Buzzes so if you want one come on out to the putting competition or shoot me an email at nate@ledgestonegrp.com

09-10-2012, 11:32 PM
PDGA list has been updated - had some people move divisions, drop out, etc. We have less than 10 AM player packs left! Tomorrow night is the last day for moving divisions and registration closes Wednesday night! Pairings and payout will be completed late Wednesday night and posted on Thursday at the Putting Competition.

09-11-2012, 10:59 PM
A few notes about parking for the putting competition and the A Tier - for the putting competition please park at J&H Car Wash across the street from my office (1142 Peoria Street, Washington, IL 61571) for the putting competition on Thursday. There may be a few spots in the parking lot of my office - we have a big electronic sign that says "Courtyard Place" that scrolls various flashing electronic ads. On saturday for the finals, parking will be at a premium. We will have the grass lot open and people will be parking up and down the road. Parking is also available at the top of the park near hole 18. There will also be parking caddy corner to Northwood Park at Oakwood Park near the dog park. Get there early! We expect the finals to start sometime between 2:30 and 2:45, with Men's Advanced teeing off first. Pro Masters will follow ten minutes later, with Women's Pro ten minutes after that. Men's Pro will follow 20 minutes after the Women's Pro.

Remember that registration closes tomorrow night at 8:30PM! There will be no day of registration. Pairings and payout will be structured tomorrow night and posted at the putting competition on Thursday night.

For a quick update on the CTP prizes - we are happy to announce that we will have 54 CTP prizes, 3 long drive prizes, and 9 cash 50/50 prizes! The cost to get in this will be $5 and can be done at the putting competition or friday morning before the first round begins. We have structured the CTP's to mirror the amount of people in each division and have combined divisions where applicable. For instance, MPO will have their own CTP and will get three CTP's per round (9 total for the tournament). MA1 and MA2 will have their own CTP's and will get three CTP's per round, for a total of 9 for the tournament. Novice and Advanced Senior GrandMasters will have 2 CTP's per round for a total of 6 for the tournament. Women's Pro will have 1 CTP per round for a total of 3 for the tournament. Pro Masters and Pro Grand Masters will have 2 CTP's per round for a total of 6 during the tournament. MA3 will have 2 CTP's per round for a total of 6 during the tournament. Womens Advanced/Advanced GrandMasters will have 1 CTP per round for a total of 3 during the tournament. Intermediate/Recreation Women will have 1 CTP per round for a total of 3 during the tournament. Everyone will be eligible for the cash 50/50 hole and long drive contests.

As for the prizes, we will have 27 various ABC Discs to give away as prizes, 27 $10 Paragon Gift Certificates to give away as prizes, 3 various ABC discs for the long drive contest, and of course CASH for the 50/50 prizes. The ABC Bee-Line has been officially approved and a lot of people got to throw the new one at Washington to rave results (some 500+ foot bombs) so if we can get those in those could be the long drive winnings!

As promised, here are some of the raffle items. We haven't gotten the list from the Convention Bureau (they typically throw in some awesome stuff). The prices will be as follows:

1 Ticket for $5
4 Tickets for $10
12 Tickets for $20
40 Tickets for $50
100 Tickets for $100

Items: $150 Ty Dyed Merchandise; DGA Mach Lite Basket; 2 Discatcher Sport Baskets; Discatcher Traveler Basket; huk lab umbrella; huk long sleeve tee; Vibram shirt; Vibram Obex; Ledestone Metal Mini; 3 Innova Bags; 3 Discraft Bags; Threepack of ABC Discs; 2 Discraft Shirts; 2 Discraft Towels; McDonalds Giveaways; Cefcu Goodie Bag; Midstate Bag; Midstate Umbrella; Midstate Hoodie; Aces and Chains Discmania Discs; Maui Jim Sunglasses; Nice Pen set; Discraft Hoody; 3 Hotel Suite Giveaways; BWW Gift Certificates; Peoria Civic Chorale CD's; Ringling Brothers Tickets; and much more!! We expect to add a big chunk of items compliments of the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. They usually have some great items to throw in!

Additional players pack items include a Paragon Koozi, an Erie Koozi, a gift certificate for a free snack wrap from McDonalds, a bottle opener from Erie, a paper cutter from Erie, and Vitamin supplements from World of Vitamins!