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04-15-2012, 07:09 PM
Rules of the 2012 Greater Louisville Bag Tag Challenge

The goal of the Greater Louisville Bag Tag Challenge is to bring Louisville’s disc golf community closer together through friendly competition. The basic rules of the Bag Tag Challenge are that there are 100 (or more) tags that are numbered sequentially from 1 to 100. Anyone with a higher tag number can challenge anyone with a lower tag number. The challenge can take place anywhere and can involve any number of tag holders. At the end of the challenge, the tags are re-assigned to the golfers with the winning score receiving the lowest number tag. All Bag Tag info will be posted on the local message boards.

Types of Play
The normal play is stroke play where the lowest score wins. This may change as agreed upon by the participants. If the participants agree then any type of play is available. Some options are match play, CTPs, putt off, best disc doubles, worst disc doubles, around the 9, Paper-Rock-Scissors, etc. As long as all the players agree before the match begins.

In addition, there are obvious differences in talent among players in the greater Louisville area. To make it fair for all participants, handicaps can and should be used to even the scores as long as it is agreed upon prior to the match. For example, a person with #19 wants to challenge the person with #12. The person with #19 normally shoots even at Iroquois and the person with #12 normally shoots 7 under. Prior to the match, the two participants may agree to give the person with #19, 7 strokes to make the play more challenging for both players.

1. Conduct yourself within the spirit of the competition.
2. Challenges need to be accepted in order for the series to work for everyone.
3. Upon every player’s bag tag purchase, a phone number and e-mail address will be required.
4. When you arrive at a course, you subject yourself to being challenged by the first person that challenges you, even if you were looking for another challenge.
5. Challenges are to be made by choosing times and courses that are reasonable.
6. The Greater Louisville Bag Tag Challenge participants must display their tag where it can be seen easily. Concealing your tag is not allowed.
7. The player with tag number 1 must defend it at least once every 14-calendar days or it is automatically exchanged with tag number 2.
8. Players not abiding by the rules are subject to discipline.

Anybody with a tag can challenge another person with a tag regardless of what tag they each have. For example if Person 1 has the 40 tag and he challenges Person 2 who has the 1 tag, Person 2 must accept the challenge provided his/her situation does not fall under a reason of the “Refusal of Challenges” section.

The winning doubles partners would receive the lowest two tag numbers, the losing partners the highest tags.

Groups (3 or more)
If more then two players want to compete in a challenge this can be done – following that the above rules are followed. Tags #1, #11, and #30 want to play one another. 30 can only challenge #1 if #1 gives the, “okay.”

Refusal of Challenges
A person being challenged may refuse a challenge only under the following circumstances:
1. The person being challenged has already taken part in one challenge that day.
2. Any challenge that is less than a round (18 holes?) of golf may refuse despite not receiving any other challenges.
3. The person being challenged is leaving (must be obvious)
4. The person being challenged is already waiting for a challenge that was set up and is within the 20-minute wait window of the pre-arranged time. Past the 20 minute window, the person being challenged must accept the challenge.
5. The person being challenged is participating in a social outing that is bringing new players to the sport.

1. Players found not abiding by the rules are subject to the following penalties
• New tag issued, using the lowest tag number available
• Tag revoked and not reissued
2. Not having your tag with you may constitute refusing a challenge and could result in forfeiting your tag.
3. Two reported incidents of misconduct would result in the player forfeiting his/her tag and starting at the bottom. Two additional reports of misconduct will result in the player being eliminated from the challenge and his number put back into the “pot” to be purchased by the next new player.
4. Report incidents of misconduct (refusing challenges, cheating, etc.) privately to:
Justin Marquess or Daniel Allgeier by sending a pm to either Justin or LtDan914 (respectively) on the local message boards

1. It is $10 to purchase a tag and participate in the Greater Louisville Bag Tag Challenge.

Weekly Leagues
Leagues tend to be doubles format – Bag Tags may be used if you so choose, but being Doubles that will be your own personal choice with one exception. If you have a tag numbered 1-10, you must play your tag at leagues. Those with a tag numbered 1-10 will not be charged to play their tags at leagues since they are required to play it. Other tags will pay $1 to enter their tags. This has been changed from previous years to promote more excitement and interest in playing tags.

Bag Tags may be placed in the box at the TD station along with $1 to compete for tags during a tournament. Handicaps may or may not be in play. Tags exchanged after the completion of the Tourney.

The money collected ($1) entry fees for Bag Tag events will go into the larger pool to payout winners of Bag Tag Tournies and the End of the Season Bag Tag Tournament.

Lost Tag
1. A new tag number can be issued for a fee of $10.00

1. Contest will end at an event in the Fall or Winter of 2012. There will be a final tournament where all tag numbers are available to be exchanged. The final tournament will be scheduled and posted on the local message boards and all participants will be notified. All participants are eligible to win any tag number.

These rules may be amended by Justin Marquess or Daniel Allgeier.

04-15-2012, 07:22 PM
And just to clarify since it can be confusing: Daniel and I are running bag tags indepedently of any club and anyone can feel free to join. After selling tags to cover the initial cost of buying them, all money will go to the end of the year bag tag tournament. As stated above we will try to keep everyone informed of bag tag events.

04-16-2012, 03:37 PM
This is going to be fuuuuuuuun. I doubt there will be many people below me to challenge me, but I could get lucky and end up with a respectable number at some point. I travel a lot for work, but I should be available for rounds at least once a week if not twice. Hopefully that works.