View Full Version : Way to go Martin!

01-17-2011, 05:58 PM
Martin was on fire at the Savannah Open, shooting three 1000 rated rounds and finishing in 4th against a great pro field.

Way to go man!

01-17-2011, 06:18 PM
Congrats on the solid rounds Martin! Keep it up man!

01-17-2011, 06:35 PM
That's awesome Martin! Congratulations!

Bubby Hill
01-17-2011, 06:43 PM
Good job Martin, I knew you had it in you. Way to represent the Ville guys.

01-17-2011, 07:02 PM
2011 Do Work Son!!

01-17-2011, 09:54 PM
Hell yes! I was down there with him and he had a fire in his eyes. I knew after seeing him
each round that he was killing it! Scott rief had a hell of a finish too! Me, not so much.

01-17-2011, 11:16 PM
Sounds like the Ville had all kinds of good representation!! Great shooting guys!!

01-18-2011, 08:24 AM
Billy, i am certain you will crush it next time and the thing about Martin he is hella good and very approachable for questions and learning technique. I contribute a lot of my learning from Martin and appreciate his help tremendously.

01-18-2011, 06:08 PM
Thanks much. My best finish yet and a great way to kick off the year


Checking out golf down here in the southeast this week
Charleston, SC has some great golf - playing trophy lake Thursday
Then gonna play Jacksonville before flying home

01-18-2011, 06:34 PM
Great job Martin & the rest of Louisville crew that attended the tourney!

Terry Glass
01-18-2011, 06:50 PM
Martin is on FIRE! Way to represent Guys!

01-19-2011, 11:20 AM
Great job Martin! That rating will be climbing bigtime!
You certainly deserve it!