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01-05-2011, 02:37 PM
I thought this was pretty funny and applicable for everyone who plays. Found it on disc golf course review. If you've got any additional terms/phrases, add them to the list.

• Annie – anhyzer
• Apartied - when everyone in the group gets a par on the hole.
• Beached Whale- A shot that skips/skims across a water hazard but makes it to land on the other side
• Bogey Sandwich - A scorecard that reads: 2 4 4 2 for any four consecutive holes for par the hard way.
• Bowling – Rolling
• Big Fat McNasty - There are numerous uses for this…a stagnant pond, a knotty tree, a gusty wind...
• Black Ace- when your first throw goes in the basket of the wrong hole.
• Cabbage –The undergrowth off the fairway. (same as “shule”, “spinach”)
• carpet bagger - a minor pro player from the north who comes down south to bag in ADV
• Chastity belt -n. the yellow band on top of the Innova basket
• Clank - v. The sickening sound that a putt makes when it hits the yellow chastity belt at the top of an Innova Discatcher doesn't go in. As in "I clanked it"
• Conservation of Greatness - making a horrible throw after a jaw-droppingly absurd throw.
• Coondogging - when your roller hits the trunk of a tree
• Course Maintenance- When you disc breaks off a branch on it's way to the target.
• Death Grip-holding on to the disc too long. (same as “grip lock”)
• Deuce bag- a player who keeps hitting birdies on your card.
• Dinner's ready- when your putt hits the number plate square and it makes that ding sound. (Same as “doink” and “Hit the nickel”)
• Divine Wind- A gust from nowhere that saves your drive from futility.
• Doink – A putt that hits the number plate (same as “Dinner’s ready” and “Hit the nickel”)
• Donkey- when you miss a ridiculously close or easy putt
• Early release program- the opposite of "grip lock"
• Edgie- When the disc dives sharply and sticks into the ground on it’s edge (same as “tombstone”)
• Flapadillo (aka flobble)- When the putter flutters an wobbles really awkward after leaving your hand on the way to the basket.
• Fly-By: putt correct height, poor aim.
• Flyin' Kites- A nose-up drive that goes up up up, stalls and drops to the ground
• Fluke deuce- a lucky two that you got from a fortunate bounce toward the basket.
• Four with a Twist- Taking a circle four, three shots plus an O.B. stroke.
• Frisbee eater - A tree that's always hungry for fresh plastic.
• Gack -vb. miss typically a short putt. As in “I gacked that putt”
• Gettin' Greasy- sneakin through the trees
• Georged - when you fail to “watch out for that tree”
• Gooseneck - a 2 on a scorecard
• Grab Your Snorkel- when someone sends their disc swimming
• Grenade- any shot that is high and fall fast straight down to the ground
• Handful- 5 strokes on a hole.
• Head Banger - when your drive lands under the basket and you might bang you head on the basket as you pick it up.
• "Heeere doggy" followed by everyone whistling like their calling a dog, as your disc rolls right past you away from the basket and back down the hill leaving you a longer shot than you started with.
• Hex'd- When three people in your group score a six on the same hole.
• Hit the nickel - when your putt hits the number plate square and it makes that ding sound. (Same as “Dinner’s ready” and “Doink”)
• Hockey stick- seven throws on one hole.
• Holy Roller - A shot that was not intended to be a roller but turns over and becomes one and heads miraculously straight for the pin!
• Homeboy route- a shot with good results through a narrow opening in trees.
• Horking -adj. a monstrous throw. As in “horking hyzer”.
• "I believe you're away" - said to a friend who hits the tree five feet in front of the tee
• Jekyll and Hyde round – one nine is great and the other nine is a monster.
• Kissing chains (aka “tickling chains”)- Whenever your disc barely hits chains and spits out
• Knife shot - vertical hyzer
• Lawn Dart - a disc that has landed partially buried in the ground, sticking up nearly vertically (same as “edgie”, “tombstone”)
• Lettuce- same as cabbage but thick leafy grass where you have trouble finding you disc
• Lieberman - When a person who normally throws RHBH swithches to LHBH and vice versa
• Locals route: taking a not recommended line that somehow gets you to the basket.
• Lumberjack (n.)- someone who hits a tree with their disc
• Lumberjacking (vb.)- when you’re hitting nothing but trees.
• Major Tom- When someone unintentionally throws really high in the air, as in "Ground Control to Major Tom"
• Makin' Minis: when one disc lands on another (it looks like the discs are humping.)
• Millennium Falcon- on heavily wooded courses with many small-ish trees, when someone throws an overhand/tomahawk and the disc magically weaves between many small trees as it turns over, without hitting any-- just like when said spaceship is flying through the asteroid field in "The Empire Strikes Back".
• Mirkwood forest- that place in the woods where, if you throw there, you can never get your disc back.
• Mullet-n.- A pro that doesn’t cash, so he pays his entry fees to others. It refers to being in the "feeder pool" or being "bait fish". Synonyms: donor, sucker, shark bait. As in “Don't be a mullet!”
• To “nice” someone – v. As in “You niced me". An apparently nice shot that everyone comments on...NICE SHOT...while it’s still in flight. But then suddenly hits something no one expected.
• Nickel – getting 5 on a hole
• Ninja Style- Having to throw while hidden behind foliage, usually a warning to other players. ex- “Watch out guys, I'm going ninja style”
• Noodle arm - Player with no "D”.
• Nuclear shule – extremely bad rough.
• Pachinko, Pin Ball - when your disc pinballs off multiple trees
• Paper plate (n) 1. an extremely understable disc; 2. commonly a lighter weight, beat-up disc
• Parking permit- You tell someone they just got their parking permit validated when they park the disc under the basket after a long shot.
• Pig-Putt –n. a putt that's weak! weak! weak! (best results when spoken with an inhale).
• Pinball – a shot that hits several trees.
• Pinball Wizard – when a shot goes bouncing from tree to tree and still ends up with a decent lie
• Pinvisible- when you can’t see the basket from the tee
• Plunker- when you throw your non floating disc in the water and you hear it go "plunk"
• Pringled - when you smack the disc hard into a tree (synonym- taco)
• Rambo route- opting to thumb through the woods and directly at the basket, rather than throwing back out to the fairway.
• Ripples - a long row of 3's on a scorecard.
• Rooted - when the tree root stops your skip shot
• Sally/(sallied) v. - when your drive/putt comes up way short
• Satellite parking- when you park your drive under the wrong basket
• Saturn - a score of 6 (6th planet) with "rings" (OB circle(s))
• Secret Squirrel- a shot that SOMEHOW goes through the biggest bunch of shule and emerges on the same line it entered and ends up parked!
• Seeing eye disc- a shot that miraculously makes it through a thick set of trees.
• Shank- any shot that does not do what you wanted.
• Skeeter- forehand shot with the "thumber grip" thrown flat on the ground for a nice bounce around trees
• Shule - heavy undergrowth off the fairway (same as “cabbage”, “spinach”).
• Sit or “sit down”- a command to the disc to stop flying. Taken from a traditional golf expression when you want the ball to hit and stop on a green.
• Skittle (also skibble). The action of a disc grinding a long way on the dirt/ground on the way to the pin. Usually shouted as a command for the disc to travel farther on the ground (for example, "Skittle!”)
• Sky Rockets in Flight- your drive goes up up up and dies out because you got your nose too high on release
• Skywalkered- You used the force to sink that putt
• Sneak- in flight instruction to the disc to avoid anything with leaves and/or bark
• Snob – a throw with the nose of the disc up
• Snowman - a natural score of 8
• Snowangel - a score of 8 with a "halo" (OB circle(s))
• Spinach – bushes, trees, and undergrowth. As in "That's in the spinach." (same as “cabbage”, “shule”).
• Sploot- the sound of a disc going into the water, usually way way out in the water.
• Squirrel killer - a roller shot that runs up the trunk of a tree (same as “coondogging”).
• Taco - vb. To smash a disc into a tree so that it folds like a taco. A saying that goes with this is “Need some sauce for that taco?”
• Tarzan Golf- throwing from tree to tree to tree
• “That wasn't there last time I played this hole" and "Was that there when I teed off?"- said when hitting some long time obvious obstacle like a tree off the tee.
• Tombstone- a disc that impales the ground, and remains standing on edge, usually stuck in the wet ground/mud a few inches. (same as “Edgie”, “Lawn dart”)
• Tournament Roll - When your disc hits the basket and rolls farther away than your original shot
• Treeflection - the tree gives good kick
• Treejection - the tree gives bad kick
• Treejectory - when your redirected by the branch
• Tree-mendous - when your errant shot finds wood and bounces in an auspicious way
• Tree-nied- when your disc hits a tree and drops
• Valet service - When you park your drive under the basket
• Way of the Indian--- a tomahawk that is so beautiful that it makes you pee a little
• Wedgie - a disc that sticks in the side of the basket.
• Worm burner- a drive thrown way too low that skips down the fairway

• "That would've been in if it wasn't for that tree." Especially appropriate when the tree is 10 feet from the tee box.

01-05-2011, 11:12 PM
I also heard "chastity belt" referred to as "the golden band of doom" one time, but I remarked that I thought that was a reference to a wedding ring.

01-06-2011, 05:29 PM
Tree-nied is my favorite used many times.

01-06-2011, 05:46 PM
Me too. That and Tree-sistance

01-06-2011, 06:38 PM
When playing with my friends, i had a great shot and called it the McDonald's shot because "I'm lovin' it" so now I call any great shot a McDonald's shot.