View Full Version : looking for used star discs

11-06-2010, 12:05 PM
Ready to trade those beat up Star discs you aren't throwing anymore? I'll take newish discs as well, but I'd prefer beat in ones. Everything needs to be at or close to max weight.

Here's what I'm looking for:
Star Boss
Star Leopard
Star Katana
ESP Nuke
ESP Buzzz
Star Sidewinder
Star Teebird
Star Wraith

Here's what I have to trade:
180g CFR Glo Cobra - 9/10
173-178g Cyrztal Buzzz - new
175g CFR Destroyer - new
171g CFR Glo Wraith - 9/10
175g Champ Monarch - new
175g Champ Wraith - 7/10
174g Champ Panther - new
174g Champ Katana - new
175g Champ Katana - new
166g Champ Groove - new
171g Elite X Stratus - new
175g R-Pro Aviar - new
lots of new and used DX Aviar's
lots of new DX Rocs
175g Champ Banshee - 7/10
180g Q Sentinel - 7/10

Send me a PM if you're interested in.