View Full Version : White star valk lost at buffalo trace

08-02-2010, 11:59 AM
My wife lost a disc at Buffalo Trace a few weeks back. Something odd happened, a guy calls me telling me he has it. We make arrangements to meet for the disc. Imagine that, they dont show. He calls me two other times, makes arrangements then doesnt show. Now when I call him, guess what happenes.... no answer. People are just ignorant! Its a 150 star valk. Im sure that if they need the disc, that they need alot more help than that one can provide!

08-02-2010, 12:07 PM
Its funny you mention that story Jon I have a similar one. I lost a Buffalo Trace Open Star Boss at BT about a month ago and the guy calls me says he has it and he wants to get it back to me so I tell him to drop it at IQ since he lives way out in Louisville at a league night so he says he will then after a couple weeks I call him and he says he never seen anyone that knows me there so he will give it to a friend which lives a mile away from IQ and he will take it up on a league night and still nothing so I call him and ask him again so he asks for my address so he can mail it and still nothing. I mean why dont you just say I have your disc and Im not giving it back so quit calling? Oh well those discs will never bring any good shots being they are not with the owners and squatters got no game.