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03-07-2010, 10:45 AM
• PDGA Super Tour Event
A-Tier Adv/Int B-Tier Pro/Rec/Nov/Jr
• Minimum Pro Cash Added: $500
• Minimum $1,000 worth of merchandise added for Amateurs
• 4 Rounds on 3 Courses in Nicholasville and Lexington, Kentucky: Riney B, Veterans, and Shillito Parks
• Player’s Pack with 2 tournament discs, mini, and t-shirt for all pre-registered Amateurs (a $60 value)
• First 100 players pre-registered will be entered into a drawing to win a DISCatcher Traveler basket
• All PDGA divisions offered (There must be at least 4 players to have a division)
• Cost: Pro Open & Pro Women – $70; All Other Pros – $60; Advanced – $60; Intermediate – $50; Recreational – $30; Novice – $25; Juniors – $20
• $10 fee for all non-PDGA members (You must be a PDGA member to play Advanced and Intermediate)
• For more information, contact Drew Smith at the1seeburg@windstream.net, or at 859-4922286

04-10-2010, 09:15 PM
whos all going anybody?

04-10-2010, 10:09 PM
I am going #41572. I am not sure where the courses are. If anyone is going, maybe I can follow you up there.

04-13-2010, 12:12 PM
A slightly late update;

Riney is has been taken out of the mix due to multiple reasons. Although if by some miracle we get a ton of people signing up it'll be our spill over course.
Right now we are short staffed on this end and if it rains like last year Riney will be a nasty mess. There has been some things done out there to improve the situation but I just feel that I don't want to take a chance of a repeat of last years watery nightmare. It just isn't worth the hassle.

However, I'm thinking of running one of the Friday doubles there so if you really have your heart set on playing Riney your still in luck!

Anyway it is after all the "Lexington" Open after all. Right?

So what does this all mean?

Added cash/merchandise will become even more concentrated meaning better payout over all.

Less traveling between rounds.

And you guys get to test your meddle on our new and improved Vets and Shilly!

I'm getting the players packs discs ordered the next few days I'm looking at getting Star Roc Plus's and Champ Makos for the first 50 AM players who pre-reg/pay in each Tier.
-> First 50 in the A tier and first 50 in the B Tier!<-

04-13-2010, 03:49 PM
Sweet, I already mailed the check!

04-13-2010, 10:07 PM
Oh and another thing.....

Friday the 14th of May will be the last day of registration/check in and the players meeting will be held later that night. That lets us start play on Saturday without having to scramble.
So far this is scheduled at Shillito starting at 5am till 9pm with Doubles at Vets Shillito and Riney (times T.B.A.)and the Players meeting @8:30pm. Yes you heard that right 5am (we have to be out there anyway because LEX 18 Sunrise is doing its show on the Lexington Open that day!)

So don't procrastinate! Get signed up!

04-13-2010, 10:16 PM
So it is a three day event. The doubles is going to be Friday at 5am? I just want to be sure, I dont want to miss out!

04-13-2010, 10:34 PM
No just a 2 day event. The Doubles are just an extra bonus. :weee:

I know you guys are close but don't forget that Red Roof is our sponsor Hotel this year with the $54 a night hook up for a double bed room! All you have to do is tell em your playing in the Lexington Open.

04-27-2010, 11:41 AM
As of now there will be 2 Pools;
Pool A - Pro/Adv/Int

Pool B - Rec/Nov/Jr

Both are capped at 105 players per pool so if you want to play you might want to not wait till the last minute to get signed up!!!
We will be utilizing 3 temporary holes on each course. Id for some reason there are less than 90 players per pool signed up by Friday night (14th) then we'll not be using those holes. However All day Friday the 14th the temps will be set up and playable.

So far the course assignments are
Pool A - 9am Vets-hour break-Shillito
Pool B - 9am Shillito-hour break-Vets

Pool A - 9:30am Shillito-hour break-Vets
Pool B - 9am Vets-hour break-Shillito

If you are unable to check in Friday in person by 9pm you can call me to do so at 859-492-2286 or email me at the1seeburg@windstream.net before Friday the 14th. If this is the case you will also need to be pre-paid by this time either by online sign up or via snail mail.

05-23-2010, 11:38 AM
heres the pics from LEX OPEN