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02-17-2010, 10:04 AM
Hey everyone should check this out


Pay still only $9.99 to watch The Memorial Online.
You can win prizes

Everyone is alwayslooking to what can be done to help disc golf - well this is something - the more players who show interest - will help grow the future of the sport.

Our Local Disc Golf Champ Dave Greenwell will be working as a commentor.
Dont Miss out

Price for the event doubles within the week.

Lots of local players heading to AZ - Scott Rief, Billy Serapiglia, Martin Young, Sam Shaheen, Paul Oman, Justin Moore, Jeff Layland, Dr. Rick Voakes, and Larry Bledsoe

Watch the superstars, many of you have gotten to see play here in the ville - the likes of Kenny "The Champ" Climo, Dave Feldberg, and Nikko Locastro.

Enjoy The Disc Golf Season's First Top 10 List!

10. The Fountain Hills Course in Arizona will make for a spectacular disc golf backdrop during the broadcast and help us all forget about this brutal winter.

9. You can get the answer to one of disc golf's persistent questions..."How big will Nikko's hair be this season?"

8. For only $9.99 you can watch the show live Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday AND then again whenever it's convenient for you with our archived Video on Demand system.

7. You'll get a kick out of how quickly players go to putt, once they see the ominious fountain plume launch hundreds of feet into the air, knowing the resulting wind is only seconds away from altering playing conditions.

6. There will be over $2500 worth of prizes given away to registered viewers throughout all three days of our live broadcast.

5. Watching online guarantees that you will not suffer the same fate as most of the disc golf snow birds, who will show up Thursday with sun-burned faces saying, "The sun didn't feel that hot when I was out here yesterday!"

4. We will be providing LIVE SATELLITE Coverage of Amateur Disc Golfers throughout the day Thursday from Fountain Hills!

3. Our broadcast team of David Greenwell, Terry Miller, and Jim Oates will be providing expert analysis of the action throughout our entire live broadcast.

2. Your support will show outside companies, who are waiting to see what happens, that disc golf is ready for business!

1. The Memorial Championship winner is a reliable predictor of who will be the dominating force in disc golf during the entire disc golf season!

Bubby Hill
02-17-2010, 03:53 PM
I agree Martin, and Dave did a fantastic job at Rock Hill. He was born for it.