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Bubby Hill
02-16-2010, 09:48 PM
I lost a Star Sidewinder in a lake at Pine Oaks G.C. in Ocala, Florida (future home of the Player's Cup) last Tuesday. I had my name and phone number on it and, low and behold, a dude called me today to say he fished it out. It just goes to show you that if you mark your disc, you have a shot at getting it back if the right kind of person finds it. Make sure to include the area code if you're traveling out of town. By the way, I told him to keep it because I wouldn't be back for a year!

02-17-2010, 10:19 AM
so true Bub

years ago i threw a disc over a fence in FL and i figured it landed in Tampa Bay - turns out it landed on a boat - guy called me up a month or so later and I got it back -

here is my returned disc story of the year - so i get this call a week or so ago from this guy who found something of mine, doesnt even know what it is - other then my name and number is on it and its says ace this and ace that -

well he found a champ boss of mine that i lost last october at CV - but he didnt find it on the golf course - he found it on the side of Seatonville Road while walking to Kroger

he didnt know what disc golf was or what he had found - but it had my name and number on it - so he called me up, amazing