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09-11-2009, 07:16 PM
Just thought I'd pass along the info I got in an email from PDGA.

A Supporting Membership allows a new player to receive a PDGA number for use in future PDGA tournament play. To sign up for a Supporting Membership, you must have previously played in a PDGA sanctioned event, and paid the $10.00 non-member fee. While Supporting members receive a PDGA number, they are still required to pay the $10.00 non-member fee at all PDGA sanctioned events until becoming a full member.

Why would I want a PDGA number? Player Rating and Stats tracking! By using a PDGA number, your tournament play will be recorded in the PDGA database. When you decide to join as a full member, you will already be well on your way to a Player Rating and have access to your tournament history and related stats.
Supporting members receive:

Lifetime Member Number
PDGA Mini Marker w/ personalized Member Number

Would you rather join as a FULL MEMBER and receive ALL member benefits?
Just sign up for your PDGA membership here (https://ssl.breinerlogistics.com/pdga/MemberEdit.php?NewOrRenewal=New) and enter coupon code SUPPORT to receive $10.00 off the full membership price.
FULL members receive the above mentioned items plus:

Membership Card
PDGA Logo Disc
Subscription to DiscGolfer Magazine - the Official Publication of the PDGA
Tour Information Pages

To bypass the FULL membership offer and become a Supporting member please click here (http://www.discgolfseries.com/content/node/34).