View Full Version : bad taste from leagues

09-03-2009, 12:29 PM
well this wedasday took the cake... not only did I get accused of not paying my 7 dollars I also got ripped off on a throw off. As soon as I get to a league I get out of the car and go pay first thing everytime. As I did last night. on my way back to the car nate asked me for the 2 ctp discs that i owed him so i gave them to him right after i paid. I know I did because i stopped at the store on the way and spent 2 dollars even out of a ten after paying the seven dollar entry i had a dollar left. This was probably an honest forgetfull mistake of not writing my name down.As for the throw off it was for 3rd place, my disc and johns disc were about 5-10 feet apart side by side you could stand between them and clearly see mine was a foot at least closer than johns it didn't need to even be measured...john even agreed with me when we looked at them saying mine was closer. then some guy measured them and said mine was further out!!!! I was speechless to say the least I mean the guy who was contesting with me agreed mine was obviously closer no measuring was needed!!! Anyhow not happy with last nights ordeal Nate you probably just made an honeat mistake and I can accept that but the throw off was ridiculous.:cry: