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08-22-2009, 09:33 PM
A few members met up with the scouts today and provided a little assistance in installing 5 new benches on the course today. The group from the Boy Scouts worked like a fine tuned machine and soon had all the benches put together and installed in about 5 hrs. SALUTE to the scouts and to Evan and Chris for all their hard work. We also managed to get some mulch spread around some of the baskets and walkpaths. I hope to get started on the Kiosk this week. If your out playing the course, try to pick up any trash you might run across, any little bit helps. I have the plans for the IQ restoration and hope to have a meeting soon to let the members know what is in store for IQ. It will mean major changes for IQ! I know the LDGC will work hard along with members of the Allstar Club to make these changes happen. It will be exciting!