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The Little Gallusser
08-02-2009, 10:33 PM
Today i had the coolest ace that i have ever seen. i was out at CV on hole 12 when i picked up a DX Roc (after bragging about my other aces with it) i crushed in down the tunnel it missed right and just a bit up on the hill, it then kicked off the hill and straight into the basket.

What are some of the coolest or the most unexpected aces you have seen?

08-02-2009, 11:33 PM
I was playing a round with Mickey at IQ the other day and I thought I was going to get an ace on 7, but my disc floated just next to the hole. I thought I had gotten one. Mickey tells me, "No, you have to throw it higher for the ace route. This is how you make an ace run." And so he picks up his second disc and shows me how to throw it and, wouldn't you know, it goes straight in the basket. It was pretty sweet. Wasn't my ace, though... but it was awesome :bravo:

08-03-2009, 06:12 AM
The coolest I've gotten is definitely number 4 at Hobson Grove. It was before they trimmed the trees down the hill so you couldn't see the basket. Threw a DX roc with a touch of anhyzer. It looked close on its approach and I heard a thud of a tree/disc action and a clank of the basket one right after the other. After walking about halfway down the hill I could see the disc was warped and protruding from the side of the basket. I didn't have to run to retrieve the disc as there was no risk of it falling out, it was over halfway wedged through the side of the cage. Its my only wedgy ace and came off the tree about five feet from the basket none-the-less!

08-03-2009, 12:15 PM
Have two for you--

First was #10 at Frankfort. Good reverse S curve shot through a tight fairway. (It's a true S curve for Lefties or forehands.) You can't see the basket and I threw a predator forehand S and then BANG! Yeah, baby!

Next was #16 at Hobson. Threw a forehand Wraith and BAM! couldn't see it, but heard it and even my wife was with me! Really cool.

My $0.02.


08-03-2009, 03:18 PM
My coolest Ace to date was #1 at IQ. Threw a roller with a beat up Valk. Hit a log laying approx 15 ft in front of the basket. Flipped upside down and smacked the chains dead nuts.

Actually, the absolute best for me was seeing my 4 year old Ace #2 @ IQ as I have already posted. I guess you can say that is the Daddy comin' out in me because my kids special achievments are much more important than my own.

08-03-2009, 11:21 PM
coolest ones I've had... I had one wedge ace on hole 1 at Borden Park in Kingsport, TN with a hard ass aviar...it was a very odd thing...but the coolest by far is knocking a hyzer bomb sidewinder off of hole 10's wall at CV and flopping it in the basket

08-06-2009, 01:46 AM
I've got two pretty sweet aces

First was #1 at Preston Miller Water Park in Bowling Green. Threw a tomahawk just messing around (it's a wide open hole) and aced it without any chains. Just did a lap around the cage and stayed.

Second was hole #10 and Otter Creek during the second round of the Fatpad in '07. Grip-locked the snot out of it. It went threw the v-gap (just big enough for a disc to fit through) of the first tree on the right. Then it hit the branches of the tree pin high to the right. Spit out of those and then into the basket. I was stunned. Also aced hole #9 the first round and went on to win by one stroke over Dave Greenwell and Brian Wease