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11-06-2008, 07:28 PM
I put up a post concerning a meeting on the 22nd of the month to see if that would work for everybody. So far I have not seen any responce. If you want a meeting on that date, LET ME KNOW! I need to reserve the room and we need to make plans for a nice party and meeting to finish out the year. I have authorized the club to spend about $300 to help make it a good time for the members that show up. We will end the year with a nice surplus to start 2009, and I thought it would be a fine way to get energized and prepared for the new year. We have made good progress this year and we need to discuss the upcoming year and make some plans. RSVP :bravo:

11-06-2008, 07:49 PM
sounds good 2 me!!

bub hill7
11-06-2008, 08:23 PM
Steve, I believe I'm good on that day.

11-06-2008, 08:27 PM
count me in. hopefully i'll have some updates on the eagle scout projects.

11-06-2008, 09:06 PM
I'd try my best to be there.

11-07-2008, 08:13 AM
might b;e out of town that day

captain plastic
11-07-2008, 09:49 AM
Sounds good. I will be there!!

11-07-2008, 10:48 AM
will probably be in chattanooga - ultimate tournament -