View Full Version : Gateway Order

09-03-2008, 12:16 PM
I'm finally able to place a Gateway order and was curious if anyone was wanting anything.

I have some order request from Russ, Sparrow, Damon and John Novince (sorry John that it has taken so long).

Here is how it works: I'm not trying to make any money from the discs and so you pay what I pay plus your share of shipping. I make an order and then divide shipping across all of the discs. If I order 10 percent of the discs then I pay 10 percent of the shipping cost. Got it? So if anyone would like to order some Gateway plactic or other Gateway items like a bag or backpack, towels, etc. let me know. If you are one the guys that already told me what you wanted and wanted to change your order let me know.

Also check out Dave talk about using a mixed bag on his blog. http://www.gatewaydiscs.blogspot.com/. He promotes using other companies discs. Surprising for an owner to promote in my opinion. There is a link to a youtube video from Worlds where he did the interview.