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04-09-2008, 09:56 PM
heading north this weekend - looking to place a course or two in the north-western part of the state -

anyone have any reccomendations - at the moment looking at Ceder Lake, Valpo, and Peru as possible stop-offs

04-10-2008, 07:21 AM
Martin if you get to South Bend try Rum Village and Wilson Park(Wilson is $1.00 for all day, Rum free), Over in Goshen is Ox Bow it'll kick you. These used to be the courses in the Michiana Open Supertour ,may it rest in peace. All are a good time, Rum is my favorite. Enjoy!

04-10-2008, 01:11 PM
I played one of the two courses at the Cedar Hill park last year. The one I played was excellent; long holes, short holes, wooded and open. I remember a couple holes with crazy bends in the fairway making it extreme difficult to birdie. A great course, I highly recommend!

04-11-2008, 12:50 AM
From what I remember of Rum Village, it is freaking sweet. 8-)

04-11-2008, 11:33 PM
well i have almost returned to my old home town, been over a decade since i was there but first some golf -

played Ross Hill (6500 - 8500 feet) in West Lafayette - wow was it windy, 50 mph gusts, all open holes, playing next to these sweet giant ravines (that never really came into play), there were zero tee signs, despite yellow, red, and blue teepads, I got so lost, I'm pretty sure I played hole 1 correctly, then from the assumed teepad 2, i had the choice of 3 baskets to aim at I ended up around basket 4 (my other choices were 8 and 10) so in the end I played the first 14 holes or so, kinda figured it out, but gave up and headed further north,

my thoughts - course was rather boring but the wind was ridiculous, turned my x-calibur over a few times, windy

course 2 was in Valparaiso - Rogers Lakewood Park (6500 feet) 21 holes, bit wet crazy windy, was shooting poorly, started over after 16 holes and in the end shot about 4 down which felt pretty good - great diversity of holes, winding around trees and up and down hills, first hole over a small fishing pond, there was a sweet 500+ downhill shot with a right to left 40+mph wind, really enjoyed this course, gotta be tougher in the spring/summer when it fills out

tomorrow I'm thinking Rum Village, i'll let you all know

for those of you yet to play much out of the Louisville area though - for all your complaints and rants, we have some sweet courses and all in all they are well maintained, louisville should be quite proud

04-13-2008, 02:37 PM
When I played Ross Hill a couple years ago I was fortunate enough to find a map of the course online before I went. Still managed to get turned around a couple times though.

I hope you were able to get most of the back 9 in. I remember that part of the course being much more interesting and wooded.

04-14-2008, 09:47 AM
on saturday morning in the rain, the day began with two flat tires on the car - few hours of waiting later and a few degrees cooler, my brother and I traveled the 50 miles northeast to South Bend - played Rum Village, real fun course, tons of elevation change, the park is up on hill that overlooks the city from the south, off to the north you can see the golden domed cathedral of Notre Dame

front side of the course seemed built for a good beat dx roc, drove with with it on 8 of the first 9 holes, the backside stretches out to some 400 - 500+ up and down hill drives, through some old big trees

even in the misty, cold, and rain, the park seemed fairly dry - for sure a fun course if anyone gets up this way

yesterday on the way home stopped at Lemon Lake County Park in Ceder Lake, IN - drove in to see red and blue baskets here and there - went in thinking 27 holes, to find out there were two 18 holes courses, as you mentioned above adam - played the red course first, seemed fairly short until a few long holes on the backside, well protected baskets, well defined fairways cut into some tunnels through small trees - no rain today, but this course was really wet and muddy, worse then CV even, just withough the hills to slide up and down -
the blue course front nine tended to be more long open shots that spread across the front of the park averaging 300 - 400 feet, wind played in a good deal - enough wind to keep my x-calibur from always coming back, the back nine on the blue was sweet, first hole was a 450 foot shot with a lake the spread out before the pad and off to the right, the basket straight out in front, after that into the woods with some great bends, lots of trees and more water hazards
they called the park "disc golf heaven," it was sweet to have the two courses on the same plot of land, apparently for tourney purposes they combine them in some format for a 18 hole gold course - less they are building a 3rd one that i never saw - really easy to get to off 65 north, heading to chicago -
great golf in indiana, was a fun trip and crazy to go back to my old home that i left 16 years ago