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The name of this organization is the “Louisville Disc Golf Club” hereafter referred to as the LDGC.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the LDGC is to promote the development of disc golf and other disc activities through organization, cooperation, competition and community involvement. Give back to the community through charitable activities. Organize and coordinate the efforts of member volunteers to increase the quality and quantity of disc activities in the greater Louisville area. Educate its members and the community on the healthy benefits and joys of disc golfing, and provide information on disc golf and disc related activities.


Any person who wishes to be a part of the greater Louisville Disc Golf Community and agrees to support and uphold the LDGC may join. An active membership requires that the member has paid the current annual dues. All active members have the right to vote at meeting, to be nominated or serve on the Board of Directors, and receive discounts and all other benefits.

Anyone who is not currently a club member will regain their active status by paying the current dues. The yearly membership is from January 1st to December 31st of each year. Anyone joining during or after the 9th month of the calendar year will be given full membership privileges for the remainder of that year and next year.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of club members who have been active members of the club for a minimum of one year. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to oversee the club, all its activities and take on many of the important duties. Every member of the board will have a role or task to do that will help the club. Below are a suggested list of job descriptions but as the needs of the club change so will the jobs and their descriptions.

1. Treasurer – (see Treasurer/Financial section)

2. Community Outreach – Plan and run charitable events that will have a positive impact on the community.

3. Park Liaison – Work with Metro Parks to promote the advancement of our sport.

4. League Coordinator – Insure all leagues (summer and winter) have a league director, help with scheduling for leagues, especially any rotating leagues.

5. Public Relations – Spread the word about club events to the area and region. Work with TD’s, Member Relations, Advertising, League Coordinator amongst others to help publicize their events online, on courses and around town.

6. Tournament Assistant – Assist Tournament Directors and event coordinators with planning, preparation, fundraising and on tournament day. The Tournament Assistant does not run the tournament, but is there to be a resource to help.

7. Member Relations – Organize the effort for our membership drive each year. Reach out to new members as well as renewing ones. Keep track of paying members. Plan and order any merchandise members might receive when they join.

8. Graphic Artist – Create print and digital posters to advertise the club, its events, leagues, etc. Work with TD’s, Public Relations, Member Relations, League Coordinator amongst others.

There will be a minimum of 7 people on the board of directors and there is no set maximum. It is important to make sure there are enough people on the Board of Directors to split up and accomplish all the tasks required of the club so no one is overworked. To become a member of the Board of Directors, you must be a club member and volunteer to take or a job or task. If the job you wish to fulfill does not currently exist, you must show how the club and/or community will benefit from your service. A majority vote of the current Board of Directors will decide if the job or task is acceptable. If approved by the board, an all member vote will then be held. The results are determined by a majority. Ties will be decided by a run off election vote to be done immediately.

The Board of Directors must meet at least 3 times a year. Members of the board should make every reasonable effort to attend meetings. If a member of the board is unable to attend at least half the club meetings in a calendar year, the board should make sure that person is fulfilling their job on the board. If the other board members are uncertain, please refer to the section about removing a board member.

President of the Board ­

The job of the President of the Board is to provide guidance to the club and Board of Directors, and make sure they fulfill their tasks for the club. The president organizes meetings and will make sure the board meets a minimum of three times a year. Like any other member of the board, the president will have a role or task in addition to his/her duties as president.

To run for President of the Board, you must be a club member and have served on the Board of Directors the previous year. The President of the Board is elected at the annual year end meeting. All club members may vote. The results are determined by a majority. Ties will be decided by a run off election vote to be done immediately. The term limit for the President of the Board is 3 years. After serving 3 years, that person must take a minimum of 1 year off as president but may continue to serve on the board. The president does not need to volunteer every year for the position. If another member of the board would like to run for the position an election is held. If the president wants to step down, he/she must give at least one months notice so a new president can be found.


Keep detailed record of transactions, update the club balance for all members to see on the website and at meetings, maintain club bank account and access to funds, collect and send dues. With the help of the Board of Directors, the treasurer will create a club budget at the beginning of every year. The board will approve the budget with a majority vote by all members of the board. The budget can not be in the negative. If the budget is surpassed, the board must be notified so the budget can be amended. If the club account balance goes below $0.00, the board must be notified immediately and the situation corrected.

All checks drawn from the club account will require the signature of the Treasurer and knowledge of either the President of the Board or the Board of Directors.

To become the Treasurer, the candidate will need to be voted in. All club members may vote. The results are determined by a majority. Ties will be decided by a run off election vote to be done immediately. If the Treasurer wants to resign, he/she must give at least one months notice so a new Treasurer can be found. The Treasurer will need to work with and train their replacement.

The Annual dues shall be $10 per year. No loans shall be made to any club member for any reason.


There will be at least three club meetings a year and all members are welcome and encouraged to attend. All member meetings must be clearly posted on the club website and at local courses at least 2 weeks before the meeting.

Votes at all member meetings are decided by a simple majority of attending active members. Bylaws changes require a 2/3 majority vote of all current members.

Most day to day decisions will be decided by the Board of Directors. In a highly contested debate, the issue may put to a board or all member vote. Any changes in the LDGC bylaws, LDGC name change and election of the Board of Directors and President of the Board MUST be put to an all member vote.

Meetings are open to all but only active members may vote.Visitors planning on attending board meetings are highly encouraged to call the meeting host beforehand.

In the event a club or board member is unable to attend a meeting, they are able to vote by absentee ballot up to two days after the vote takes place by communicating their vote in writing on the club forum.

Code of Conduct

Disc golfers are brought together by a common interest for the sport and want to see it thrive. When disputes or disagreements arise it is more important than ever to treat others with respect and have a constructive, civilized debate about the issue. Foul language, slandering, intolerance and irate behavior will not be tolerated.

Remember that you represent ALL disc golfers when seen by a non-disc golfer. Please act appropriately and be courteous to other people using the park.

Banning Club Members and Forum Users

A club member or forum user can be banned from the club and message board. The offense must be severe enough to warrant such extreme action. The person must first be warned in writing about their offense. If it continues a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors will ban the person for 1 year. If the offensive person is on the Board, they are not allowed to vote. After one year, the person is welcome back to the club and message board. If the person is banned a second time, they are banned from the club and message board for life.

Removing a Member From the Board of Directors

If it is believed that an Officer is unfit for the job, the Officers must first discuss the problem with that person. If the problems persists and the person is still thought to be unfit for office, a 2/3 vote by all Officers can remove the person from office. The President and Treasurer are considered Officers so this applies to them as well.


Should the LDGC be dissolved, all material possessions of the organization must be sold and the moneys obtained for the sale donated to charity after all bills have been paid.